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Italian Journal of Disability Studies Vol 2, N. 1

Call for papers 2012 - English
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The choice to create an Italian space to study disability results from the decision of a few Italian researchers who were willing to find an opportunity to debate and discuss disability issues drawing on a social model perspective (i.e. which interrogates the relational nature of disability and considers disability as a complex issue beyond the dominant individual-medical and reductionist approach).

This section is particularly focused on the issues concerning disability within education from an Italian point of view.

Disability Studies are strictly linked to the principles of inclusive education because:

  1. they share some theoretical principles (such as the critical analysis of the medical-individual model of disability and its discourses)
  2. they aim at the ‘transformation’ of schooling and society
  3. they want to give voice to those people who have been silenced for too long (for example disabled people, disabled people’s movements and students within inclusive education, and/or migrants for the migration and intercultural studies)
  4. they seek to go beyond a traditional interpretation of integration that is perceived only in opposition to segregation. In contrast they investigate notions of normality, abilism which are strongly embedded in our society.

Moreover, within the GRIDS website, there will be a section dedicated to international studies. The objective of this section is double: firstly it will allow Italian audience to develop an understanding of the international dimension of such a new discipline, in Italian language and, secondly it will provide an additional space for debate with international colleagues who will be invited to contribute to the Journal and the website.
A special section of the GRIDS website is therefore dedicated to the Italian Journal of Disability Studies. The focus of this new journal will be schooling and education. Nevertheless, disability will be also investigated from cultural, social, political, historical and juridical perspectives.